Bro HTTP2 Analyzer Plugin

NOTE!! If you are currently running versions 0.1 or 0.2, you will need to delete the old plugin since the namespace of the plugin has changed (from "http2::HTTP2" to "mitrecnd::HTTP2"). Instructions on how to do so are outlined below.

This plugin provides an HTTP2 (RFC 7540) decoder/analyzer for Bro.

The events exposed attempt to mimic the events exposed by the native HTTP analyzer




Nghttp2 1.11.0 or greater is required. The plugin uses the decompression libraries and some portions of the API used are not supported prior to that version.

nghttp2 Library -

On CentOS 7:

# sudo yum install libnghttp2-devel

On Ubuntu 16.04:

The version of libnghttp-dev on Ubuntu's apt repositories is too old (version 1.7.1 as of when this was written) so you must install the library manually from the repo.


Brotli is required as it is used quite often by popular websites and the analyzer automatically attempts to decompress data frames. No pre-compiled packages could be found for the brotli library so it will need to be manually built and installed. The library can be found at The latest release can be found at After downloading the latest release, follow these steps to compile and install the library:

tar -zxvf <release file>
cd brotli-<version>
mkdir build && cd build
make test
make install

Manual Installation

To manually build and install the plugin:

cd <HTTP2 Plugin Directory>
rm -r build # Only if build exists
./configure --bro-dist=</path/to/bro/source>
make test
make install

NOTE!! If you are upgrading the plugin from versions 0.1 or 0.2 please delete the following directory from your bro install before starting or restarting your cluster:


Bro Package Manager

The Bro Package Manager can be used to install this plugin in multiple ways:

  • From the repo clone directory:

      # bro-pkg install .
  • Using the github repo directly:

      # bro-pkg install
  • Using the official source:

      # bro-pkg install bro/mitrecnd/bro-http2


You should see the following output from bro if successfully installed:

    > bro -NN mitrecnd::HTTP2
    mitrecnd::HTTP2 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 2 analyzer (dynamic, version 0.4)
        [Analyzer] HTTP2 (ANALYZER_HTTP2, enabled)
        [Event] http2_request
        [Event] http2_reply
        [Event] http2_stream_start
        [Event] http2_stream_end
        [Event] http2_header
        [Event] http2_all_headers
        [Event] http2_begin_entity
        [Event] http2_end_entity
        [Event] http2_entity_data
        [Event] http2_content_type
        [Event] http2_event
        [Event] http2_data_event
        [Event] http2_header_event
        [Event] http2_priority_event
        [Event] http2_rststream_event
        [Event] http2_settings_event
        [Event] http2_pushpromise_event
        [Event] http2_ping_event
        [Event] http2_goaway_event
        [Event] http2_windowupdate_event
        [Event] http2_continuation_event
        [Type] http2_settings_unrecognized_table
        [Type] http2_settings
        [Type] http2_stream_stat

To use/load the http2 analyzer, add the following to your config (e.g., local.bro):

@load http2

The analyzer will create a new log file called "http2.log"

To use/load the http2 intel framework extensions add the following to your config:

@load http2/intel

Package Version :