This package provides an analyzer for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol write operations. The following operations will be written to ldap.log after running the analyzer:

  • modifyRequest and modifyResponse
  • modifyDNRequest and modifyDNResponse
  • addRequest and addResponse
  • deleteRequest and deleteResponse
  • bindRequest and bindResponse

Additionally, the analyzer will deliver GSSAPI GSS-SPNEGO authentication data in LDAP bindRequests to the gssapi analyzer to be written to the Kerberos or NTLM logs.

Environment Configuration

If using the analyzer as a plugin from the repo:

  1. Install bro-pkg manager
  • $ pip install bro-pkg
  • (Recommended: latest version) $ pip install git+git://github.com/bro/package-manager@master
  1. Configure bro-pkg & environment
  • Bro-pkg needs PATH to bro-config: $ export PATH=$PATH:/path_to/bro/build (modify /path/to)
  • Run the autoconfiguration: $ bro-pkg autoconfig
  • Setup Bro's environment to match bro-pkgl $ eval $(bro-pkg env)
  1. Run the plugin straight from git:
    • $ bro-pkg install ldap-analyzer
    • Test to make sure the plugin is loaded $ bro -N | grep LDAP (you should see the plugin loaded)
    • $ bro -C -r your_ldap.pcap ( -C is optional and used if the pcap contains checksums. This must come before the -r )

If using the analyzer as a local plugin:

  • $ git clone https://github.com/SoftwareConsultingEmporium/ldap-analyzer.git
  • $ cd ldap-analyzer
  • $ ./configure --bro-dist=/path/to/bro && make
  • $ export BRO_PLUGIN_PATH=$BRO_PLUGIN_PATH/path/to/ldap-analyzer
  • Check if plugin got loaded $ bro -N | grep LDAP
  • Run it : $ bro -r your_ldap.pcap


  • Testing script produces an error. It attempts to access a non-existent file.

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