Zeek Suppress SSL Notices

This Zeek Module tries to minimize the noise from the SSL::Invalid_Server_Cert notices. If you know that a specific notice is benign but you don't want/cannot load the certificate to Zeek, you can mute it with this module.

How it works

It loads a list of domains from a file by leveraging the Input Framework, so you don't have to stop your Zeek Sensor to make changes to the file and deploy the sensor again.

When a notice is about to be logged to the notice.log, it checks if the domain name string is in the n$sub of the notice and if so it will stop the notice from being written in the notice.log.

With this module, you can also specify what type of Notice you want to mute. Also, you can specify the direction of the connection.


Use the zkg package manager

zkg install suppress-ssl-notices

Available Types of Notices

Suppress_SSL_Notices::SELF_SIGNED = "self signed certificate"

Suppress_SSL_Notices::EXPIRED = "certificate has expired"

Suppress_SSL_Notices::LOCAL_ISSUER = "unable to get local issuer certificate"

Suppress_SSL_Notices::SELF_SIGNED_IN_CHAIN = "self signed certificate in certificate chain"

Suppress_SSL_Notices::ANY = "Any of the above"

Available Types of Network Directions

Suppress_SSL_Notices::INBOUND (remote -> local)

Suppress_SSL_Notices::OUTBOUND (local -> remote)

Suppress_SSL_Notices::INTERNAL (local -> local)

Suppress_SSL_Notices::EXTERNAL (remote -> remote)


Note: You have to configure Site::local_nets for this to work properly.

Creating the List

You have to create a file that is accessible to Zeek, and if you have set a Zeek Cluster it must be accessible to Cluster::MANAGER only.

The name of the file can be configured by redef the Suppress_SSL_Notices::list_filename in your local.zeek.


redef Suppress_SSL_Notices::list_filename = "/opt/zeek/share/zeek/site/domains.list";

File Format (tab-separated)


#fields domain  notice_msg_type  network_direction  description


#fields domain  notice_msg_type  network_direction  description
kaspersky       Suppress_SSL_Notices::ANY       Suppress_SSL_Notices::ANY_DIRECTION     Kaspersky   Suppress_SSL_Notices::SELF_SIGNED       Suppress_SSL_Notices::INBOUND   Microsoft

Note 1: The description field must have UNIQUE name.

Note 2: In the domain you can use the string ANY_CERT if you want to catch all the certificates. For example, if you want to catch all the notices for self-signed certificates that correspond to outgoing traffic you can write something like this:


ANY_CERT Suppress_SSL_Notices::SELF_SIGNED Suppress_SSL_Notices::OUTBOUND  self-signed outgoing

More info about how to create a file for Zeek Input Framework:

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