Experimental JavaScript support for Zeek.

$ cat hello.js
zeek.on('zeek_init', function() {
  console.log('Hello, Zeek!');

$ zeek ./hello.js
Hello, Zeek!


To build the plugin, you require Node.js as a shared library. On Fedora you can install the packages nodejs-devel and v8-devel. On Ubuntu (starting with Kinetic Kudo, 22.10) and Debian (testing/bookworm), installing the libnode-dev package is sufficient.

On other or older Linux distributions, or MacOSX, you'll need to compile Node.js yourself using --shared. See, for example, debian.Dockerfile in the docker directory for inspiration.

Otherwise, ZeekJS builds and installs like a normal Zeek plugin.

Starting with version 0.4.2, it is possible to install ZeekJS via zkg, too:

zkg install zeekjs


To build online documentation for ZeekJS, change into the docs directory and run make html if sphinx/jsdoc is available locally, or run make container-html to use a Docker container.

The API documentation is also available on Read the Docs.

The existing tests are a source of documentation, too, and there are a few examples in the repository as well.

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