Industrial Control Systems Network Protocol Parsers (ICSNPP) - Genisys over TCP/IP.


ICSNPP-Genisys is a Zeek plugin (written in Spicy) for parsing and logging fields used by the Genisys protocol. Genisys is a protocol created by Union Switch & Signal. It is used to communicate with SCADA field devices and is commonly used in the rail industry. Genisys was originally intended for use over serial connections, but today it is often transported over TCP port 10001 (although that port number has not been IANA-assigned). Genisys employs a client-server communication scheme (similar to Modbus) in which one server communicates with one or more client devices (each identified by a single byte address) over the same connection.

The parsing logic of this plugin was developed by reverse-engineering a sample PCAP containing Genisys traffic as well as by referencing the comments of a years-old dissector patch for Wireshark that was proposed but never accepted.

This parser produces one log file, genisys.log, defined in analyzer/main.zeek.

For additional information on this log file, see the Logging Capabilities section below.


Package Manager

This script is available as a package for Zeek Package Manager. It requires Spicy and the Zeek Spicy plugin.

$ zkg refresh
$ zkg install icsnpp-genisys

If this package is installed from ZKG it will be added to the available plugins. This can be tested by running zeek -NN. If installed correctly you will see ANALYZER_GENISYS_TCP under the list of _Zeek::Spicy analyzers.

If you have ZKG configured to load packages (see @load packages in the ZKG Quickstart Guide), this plugin and scripts will automatically be loaded and ready to go.

Logging Capabilities

Genisys Log (genisys.log)


This log captures and logs each Genisys message transmitted over TCP port 10001 to genisys.log. The port can be overriden by redefining the genisys_ports_tcp variable, e.g.:

$ zeek -C -r genisys.pcap local "GENISYS::genisys_ports_tcp={ 10002/tcp }"

Fields Captured

uidstringUnique ID for this connection
idconn_idDefault Zeek connection info (IP addresses, ports)
protostringTransport protocol
headerstringMessage type
servercountServer ID
directionstringrequest or response
crc_transmittedstringHex representation of CRC-16 value transmitted in payload
crc_calculatedstringHex representation of CRC-16 value calculated when parsed
payloadvectorVector of address=data pairs from message payload

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Copyright 2023 Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC. Released under the terms of the 3-Clause BSD License (see LICENSE.txt).

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