Zeek Notice Telegram (ZeekJS edition)

This package re-implements zeek-notice-telegram in TypeScript (ZeekJS) to work around unreliability in ActiveHTTP.

It borrows both Yacin's package above and the ZeekJS reimplementation of that package's original inspiration (zeek-notice-slack) which is now zeekjs-notice-slack.

Code generation

Re-generating scripts/telegram.js from the TypeScript source can be done by running npm install && npm run build.

Example usage

Basic usage is identical to zeek-notice-telegram. To recap, one might use it like this:

@load base/frameworks/notice

export {
    redef enum Notice::Type += {

    // NOTE: you must define these!
    redef Notice::telegram_token = "xxx";
    redef Notice::telegram_chat_id = "yyy";

event ssh_auth_successful(c: connection, auth_method_none: bool)
    NOTICE([$note=Notice::SSHLoginSuccessful, $conn=c, $msg="Login detected"]);

hook Notice::policy(n: Notice::Info)
    if ( n$note == Notice::SSHLoginSuccessful )
        add n$actions[Notice::ACTION_TELEGRAM];

Error handling

Failure to send a notice via telegram does not stop notice hook processing. Instead, zeek hooks are provided to handle both error cases and (if desired) when messages are successfully sent:

  • Notice::telegram_notice_succeeded when everything is OK;
  • Notice::telegram_notice_api_error when the Telegram API itself response with an error;
  • Notice::telegram_notice_network_error when something goes wrong communicating with the telegram API.

See the btest case for an example using these hooks.


A btest case mocks the Telegram API and exercises success and different error conditions.

To run tests, enter the testing directory and run make.

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