GlobLoad: glob patterns for Zeek's @load directive

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This Zeek package extends the functionality of the @load directive to support loading scripts via glob patterns. Among other things, this allows you to construct ".d/"-style directories in which you decentralize control over the script contents, for example by allowing all members of a UNIX group to write to the directory.


Use a glob pattern where you'd normally point Zeek at a file or directory:

@load scripts.d/*.zeek

You can provide absolute paths, or relative paths that will be evaluated relative to the script containing the globbed @load.

The set of scripts that match the glob pattern gets sorted alphabetically and loaded in that order, as if provided to @load individually. Glob matches need not be files: they can also be symlinks, directories, etc.


There's a small side-effect due to the way the package hooks into @load: you'll notice an "Empty Zeekygen script doc dependency" warning for each use of a glob. That's because Zeek internally builds up dependencies between scripts, the glob patterns themselves aren't files, and the package cannot control the code path that triggers the warnings. Unless you care about this aspect of Zeekygen documentation generation, you can ignore these.

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