Using Zeek broker to alert on Bad ASNs as reported by CIRCL

The Zeek script will perform an ASN lookup on the remote connection's IP address from conn.log. It will then perform a call to CIRCL's Bad ASN API to retrieve a score/ranking. ASNs that cross a determined threshold will be written to notice.log. There are a couple of pre-requisites noted below. Many rely on default settings but please double check before implementing.


  • Broker is utilized to pass data from Zeek to python and perform API lookups. Broker information and installation install instructions can be found here. Be sure to run git clone with the --recursive flag set.
  • GeoLocation data and integration with MaxMind is required to perform the initial ASN lookups. You will need to install libmaxminddb and build from source. Zeek has documented this process here
  • You can sign up for access to MaxMind's free GeoLite databases here
  • In order to update these databases monthly, follow MaxMind's guide
  • The script leverages Zeek's default locations for the MaxMind databases - highly recommend using those or you will need to customize your configs
  • Your local subnets are used to differentiate between local and remote IP addresses. These subnets are defined in networks.cfg and configured when using zeekctl-deploy. If not using zeekctl, you may configure using zeek's example
  • The Zeek script uses the EXEC framework to start the companion python script upon Zeek startup. The location of the python script is currently hardcoded into the command and this would need to be changed if packages are installed anywhere else.
  • This has been used mostly on small, internet-facing honeypots and we have not experienced any performance issues. However, we have not tested in an enterprise environment with high a volume of traffic - use with caution in such environments as this will perform numerous lookups and could impact performance.
  • Development and testing was performed using Zeek 3.2.0. Testing indicated that the scripts are not compatible with older Zeek versions.

Usage Example:

wget screenshot log screenshot

Improvement areas:

  • The current method for starting and stopping the python process is clunky and could potentially be improved with a better Zeek EXEC statement.
  • Currently, the Zeek sript writes one formatted string to notice.log. This could be improved to include individual fields.
  • There are certain to be other areas for improvement

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