Add Remote ASN and GeoIP Info Directly to Conn Log

This zeek script will add the Autonomous System Number (ASN) and Geolocation information (country code, region, city, lat/long) for the remote IP address directly to conn.log. The script will perform a simple check against against the orig and resp hosts to determine which one is not defined as part of your local subnet(s) then perform the lookups accordingly.


  • In order for you to use GeoLocation data with Zeek, you will need to install libaxminddb and build from source. Zeek has documented that process here
  • You will need two databases from MaxMind: GeoLite2 ASN and GeoLite2 City. You can sign up and access them for free here
  • In order to update these databases monthly, follow MaxMind's guide
  • The script leverages Zeek's default locations for the MaxMind databases - highly recommend using those or you will need to customize your configs
  • Your local subnets are defined in networks.cfg and configured when using zeekctl-deploy. If not using zeekctl, you may configure using zeek's example
  • This has been used mostly on small, internet-facing honeypots and we have not experienced and performance issues. However, we have not tested in an enterprise environment with high a volume of traffic - use with caution in such environments as this will perform numerous lookups and could impact performance
  • Thank you to brimsec for their example on adding geoIP information directly to conn.log. If you're looking to add only GeoIP information (no ASN) for both the orig and resp hosts, check out their zeek package

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