Zeek Intel URL Path Package

This package that extends the Intel framework to alert on URL paths (URIs).


This package can be installed using the Zeek Package Manager:

$ zkg install zeek-intel-path


This package adds a new intel type: Intel::URL_PATH. Here is an example intel file that uses this type:

#fields	indicator	indicator_type	meta.source
/malware	Intel::URL_PATH	Test IOC

Alerts will be generated in the intel.log and however else you have the Intel framework configured (e.g., email, notice.log, etc.).

By default, this package only alerts on the HTTP original_URI, which is the raw URL path seen on the network. To alert on the unescaped_URI (which decodes anything that is URL encoded), add the following to your local.zeek:

redef Intel::seen_unescaped_uri = T;

You can also disable alerting on the original_URI with the following:

redef Intel::seen_original_uri = F;

Be aware that there may be a performance impact when alerting on both URI parameters.

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