JSON Streaming Logs

This packages makes Zeek write out logs in such a way that it makes life easier for external log shippers such as filebeats, logstash, and splunk_forwarder.

The data is structed as JSON with "extension" fields to indicate the time the log line was written (_write_ts) and log type such as http or conn in a field named _path. Files are rotated in the current log directory without being compressed so that any log shipper has a while to catch up before the log file is deleted.

Logs are named in such a way that a glob in your log shipper configuration should be able to easily match all of the logs. Each log will have a prefix of json_streaming_ so that the http log would have the full name of json_streaming_http.log.

Loading this script also doesn't impact any other existing logs that Zeek outputs. If you would like to disable other log output from Zeek, you can change the JSONStreaming::disable_default_logs variable to Tto disable all of the default logs. The only potential issue is that your logs will become completely ephemeral with this change because no logs will be rotated into local storage.


Please reach out to info@corelight.com if you have issues with this script or if you have thoughts on ways this could better fit into your environment.

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