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This module detects HTTP requests that are non RFC compliant requests including:

  • Multiple HTTP Host headers
  • GET requests with a body
  • Both Content-Length and Transfer-Encoding present
  • Multiple of Content-Length and/or Transfer-Encoding headers

When any of these are detected, an HTTP_Smuggling notice will be added to notice.log.


  • Install via Zeek package manager:

     $ zkg install zeek-httpattacks
  • Download the files to $PREFIX/zeek/share/zeek/site/zeek-httpattacks and add the following to your local.zeek:

      @load ./zeek-httpattacks


There are currently no configuration flags that can be used with this module. If you would like a new feature, please create a pull request.

notice.log Examples

HTTPATTACKS::HTTP_Smuggling	Multiple HTTP Host headers detected
HTTPATTACKS::HTTP_Smuggling	More than one CL or TE header detected
HTTPATTACKS::HTTP_Smuggling	CL and TE headers detected
HTTPATTACKS::HTTP_Smuggling	HTTP GET request with body detected

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Andrew Klaus (@precurse)

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