Zeek & MAC Address Ages

This Zeek plugin adds functionality to query the age of a MAC address. The data comes from HD Moore's MAC Adress Age Tracking repository, which is a curated database of MAC addresses bootstrapped from the DeepMAC and Wireshark archives. A bot pulls from an IEEE website daily to keep the data up to date.


First, install the package with the Zeek package manager:

zkg install tenzir/zeek-mac-ages

Then make sure that you have a recent version of the MAC database installed somewhere. Set the environment variable ZEEK_TENZIR_MAC_AGES_CSV to the CSV file and you're set to load the plugin:

@load tenzir/mac-ages

By default, the script enhances the stock DHCP log with a field mac_age containing the approximate "birthday" of a MAC address in YYYY-MM-DD format. Here's an example log file generated with a sample trace from the Wireshark wiki:

#separator \x09
#set_separator	,
#empty_field	(empty)
#unset_field	-
#path	dhcp
#open	2018-12-28-15-47-11
#fields	ts	uids	client_addr	server_addr	mac	host_name	client_fqdn	domain	requested_addr	assigned_addr	lease_time	client_message	server_message	msg_types	duration	mac_age
#types	time	set[string]	addr	addr	string	string	string	string	addr	addr	interval	string	string	vector[string]	interval	string
1102274184.387484	CMnxGv1YFAUvoaADr2,CzdoL23dzCo4Zuq0d8	00:0b:82:01:fc:42	-	-	-	3600.000000	-	-	REQUEST,ACK	0.000314	2002-10-14
1102274184.317453	CMnxGv1YFAUvoaADr2,CzdoL23dzCo4Zuq0d8	00:0b:82:01:fc:42	-	-	-	3600.000000	-	-	DISCOVER,OFFER	0.000295	2002-10-14
#close	2018-12-28-15-47-11

For more fine-grained control, have a lok at the new builtin functions (BiFs) for replacing the MAC age database addresses and performing lookups a MAC addresses.


If you want to compile the plugin from scratch, use the accompanying configure helper script:

export ZEEK=/path/to/zeek-dist
./configure --zeek-dist="$ZEEK"
cd build

After the compilation succeeded, notify Zeek about the plugin:

export ZEEK_PLUGIN_PATH=$(pwd)
export ZEEKPATH="$($ZEEK/build/zeek-path-dev):$ZEEK_PLUGIN_PATH/.."
alias zeek=$ZEEK/build/src/zeek
zeek -N | grep tenzir

This should print:

tenzir::mac_ages - MAC address age estimation (dynamic, version 0.1.0)

You can now play with code. For example, to generate the above log file:

wget https://github.com/hdm/mac-ages/raw/master/data/mac-ages.csv
export ZEEK_TENZIR_MAC_AGES_CSV=mac-ages.csv
zeek -C -r $ZEEK/testing/btest/Traces/dhcp/dhcp.trace tenzir/mac-ages

This should generate a dhcp.log 2012-07-11 in the column mac_age for the MAC address 90:b1:1c:99:49:29.


This plugin comes with a BSD license.

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