This package provides additional JSON-logging for Zeek. By default a JSON log is enabled for every logging stream (original filename suffixed by -json). For further configuration, the following options are available:

OptionDefault ValueDescription
enable_all_json: boolTEnables JSON-logfiles for all active streams
enable_all_filters_jsonFEnables JSON-logfiles for all filters of a stream
exclude_json: set[Log::ID]{ }Streams not to generate JSON-logfiles for
include_json: set[Log::ID]{ }Streams to generate JSON-logfiles for
path_json: stringdefault pathPath to the additional JSON-logfiles
interv_json: intervaldefault intervalRotation interval for JSON-logfiles
timestamps_json: string"JSON::TS_MILLIS"Format of timestamps for JSON-logfiles.
scope_sep_json: stringdefault separatorSeparator for log field scopes.

If, for example, the postprocessing of JSON-logs cannot handle dots in field names, the following can be added to local.zeek, to replace dots with underscores:

redef Log::scope_sep_json = "_";

For more details on the underlying filter options see Zeek's documentation of the Logging Framework.

Custom Logs

The add-json package sets up additional filters for the configured logs during initialization. As the corresponding zeek_init event handler is executed with a priority of -3, everything (streams and filters) setup with a higher priority than -3 will be considered by the script.

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