By dw2102

Protocol parser for the Siemens S7Comm and S7CommPlus protocol. Both parser are based on the Iso-Over-TCP protocol. Not all functions are covered in this analyzer, it may not capture all of the packets.


By initconf

scan detection in 2.x world. Forward porting of bro-1.5.3 scan.bro accompanied with new heuristics and quicker detections


By jonzeolla

Modified version of scan.bro to add destination IP sampling.


By reservoirlabs

sFlow analyzer package


By initconf

Suite of smtp related policies includes extracting and logging URLs from emails and various smtp anomaly detection heuristics to help flag phishing emails


By sethhall

Detect US Social Security numbers in HTTP and SMTP with Bro.


By jswaro

TCP Retransmission and State Analyzer plugin for Bro.


By corelight

Log the top DNS queries being requested.


By vitalyrepin

User Agent Parser - Bro implementation based on uap-core


By sethhall

A Bro package for finding new file signatures.


By dopheide

Attempts to detect an attacker calling to the VENOM Linux Rootkit


By initconf

Simple policy to detect VNC (RFB) scanners based on src->dst connection counts


By jsiwek

Detects Bitcoin, Litecoin, or other cryptocurrency mining traffic that uses getwork, getblocktemplate, or Stratum mining protocols over TCP or HTTP. This package used to be named "bro_bitcoin".


By corelight

This package provides some basic analysis for ELF files.


By lexibrent

EternalSafety is a Zeek/Bro package for detecting potentially-dangerous SMBv1 protocol violations that encapsulate bugs exploited by the infamous Eternal* family of Windows exploits. It is capable of detecting EternalBlue, EternalSynergy/EternalRomance, EternalChampion, and the DoublePulsar backdoor. However, rather than identifying these exploits via simple signature-matching, *EternalSafety* instead implements a set of SMBv1 protocol invariants that encapsulate techniques used by each Eternal* exploit to trigger bugs in unpatched Windows systems. EternalSafety accurately and reliably identifies the EternalBlue, EternalSynergy and EternalRomance exploits, and the DoublePulsar backdoor implant. Due to limitations in Zeek's SMBv1 support, it has limited support for detecting EternalChampion via signature-matching. EternalSafety also identifies a range of other protocol violations, such as the use of unimplemented/unused SMBv1 commands, server-initiated changes in values that may only be set by an SMBv1 client, and incorrect interleaving of transaction types.


By esnet

Prometheus exporter for Zeek performance data


By precurse

Checks for HTTP anomalies typically used for attacking.


By justinazoff

A broctl plugin that enables jemalloc profiling

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